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Photography by yOU (yuko kawasaki)

山野 ミナ

大阪出身。 大阪芸術大学 美術学科 卒業
ジャズレコードコレクターで絵画や彫刻品などのコレクターでもある父を持つ。 幼少の頃から自然とジャズやアートに触れてきた。




ボサノヴァ歌手である従兄弟のヒガシノリュウイチロウ氏の影響でブラジル音楽に興味を持ち、 サンバやMPB、ボサノヴァなどブラジル音楽を本格的に歌い始める。

『Brasilian Groove featuring MinaYamano』にゲストボーカルとして参加し、独特な歌声と正確な発音で好評を得た。

2016年、ギタリストの平岡遊一郎氏をサウンドプロデューサーとして迎え、自己の1stミニアルバム『VIROU AREIA』を発表。

2017年6月、自身の日本語オリジナル曲をキーボーディスト・ピアニストの安部潤プロデュース、世界のジャズシーンで活躍するデンマークのジャズベーシスト・Chris Minh Dokyのオーガナイズによりデンマーク コペンハーゲンでのレコーディングを無事終えた。


2020年7月7日から7月19日まで小伝馬町のギャラリーRoonee247fine arts企画、山野ミナ作品展 「Romántica 」が開催された。


Mina Yamano

Born in Osaka, Japan.
Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Department of Art.
Mina grew up in a household filled with jazz and art, and was naturally exposed to them from an early age through her father, who is a jazz record collector, and also a collector of art works such as art paintings and sculptures.
She attended Osaka University of Arts, where she studied art and oil painting for four years. While studying at the university, she was deeply moved by a play, which led her to pursue a career in the performing arts.
She attended a theater actor training school, where she developed her skills in singing, dancing and acting. In 2010, after having gained a lot of experience as a theater performer, she began her musical career as a jazz and Bossa Nova singer, performing on live stage mainly at jazz clubs in the Kansai region.

On February 11, 2011, she sang solo “Kimigayo” the national anthem of Japan before WBC World minimumweight title match (broadcasted by TBS) – Kazuto Ioka vs. Oleydong Sithsamerchai.

Since 2012, she has moved her base to Tokyo.
She became interested in Brazilian music influenced by her cousin Ryuichiro Higashino who is a Bossa Nova singer, and she began her career in earnest to sing Brazilian music such as Samba, MPB (Brazilian popular music) and Bossa Nova.
Her songs include not only her original songs written by herself but also a number of original songs written in collaboration with a guitarist Kazuhiko Obata.

In 2014, she appeared as a guest vocalist on a Bossa Nova album, “BrasilianGroove featuring Mina Yamano”, which earned praise for her unique voice and her correct pronunciation.

In 2016, she released her first mini album “VIROU AREIA” having been joined by a sound producer, Yuichiro Hiraoka, who has worked with a variety of artists including Kimiko Itoh and Lisa Ono, and after having had his musical career in the US since 1999, Yuichiro moved his base to Japan and he has been working as a guitarist, a musical arranger, a composer and a sound producer.
Mina has been attracting many people with her airy but a bit melancholic unique singing voice no one ever has.

She successfully completed the recording of her own Japanese original songs in Copenhagen, Denmark in June 2017. The recording project was produced by a keyboard player/pianist Jun Abe, and organized by Denmark-based jazz bass player Chris Minh Doky who appears in various jazz scenes around the world.
The musical collaboration with great Denmark-based musicians has given a beautiful European touch to her songs.

Also, in October 2017, she resumed work as a painter holding her first solo exhibition at Gallery Camellia in Ginza from December 19 to 24, 2017, which was a great success. Currently, while continuously exhibiting new paintings at her own live venue, she carries on with her other pursuits.

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